Supporting a remote workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak

Supporting a remote workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak

A tool kit for leading a healthy, happy team


Sudden, anxiety-inducing change is undeniably hard, and leaders need to support their people in learning how to cope with the new normal of isolation and social distancing, caring for family, and an uncertain economy. Most organisations don’t teach their leaders how to manage staff virtually and it is easy for remote workers to feel isolated, neglected and de-motivated.  And none of us have a playbook on how to lead during the pandemic.  We need to double-down our leadership to support a teams during this challenging time.  This program provides leaders with strategies for managing a remote workforce, including communication skills, ideas to build team cohesion and engagement, OHS&W and technology-use considerations and the need to understand and promote mental health and wellbeing.


Module 1 – Working from home basics
Checklist of the basics people need working from home including OHS & W and technology considerations

Module 2 – Structure and productivity
Review team benchmarks and productivity metrics, setting expectations and monitoring performance

Module 3 – Communication
Understand what conversations we should be having with our staff and how to have them to build genuine connection

Module 4 – Team Cohesion and Morale
Ways to build trust, safety and a new “business as usual” for your staff

Module 5 – Rest and Renewal
Ideas for supporting work:life balance, self-care and healthy lifestyle

Module 6 – Mental Health
How to provide emotional support and monitor mental health


Samantha Young
M.Psych (Clin), MBA (Melb), MAPS

Sam brings a unique combination of senior management and commercial experience, psychological intervention skills and Masters-level formal education in both business and psychology to her clinical, training, coaching and consulting work. Sam is a highly sought after facilitator and public speaker nationally and delivers training to hundreds of employees and managers every year. 


“The Human Psychology sessions was hugely well received and appreciate. I believe that the workshops were value to regroup the staff in the department during a challenging time.”

Mary Marsh – Anaesthetic/PACU Manger, Flinders Private Hospital

“I felt a real sense of validation that the pathway we’re taking as an organisation and myself personally as a leader was the right pathway and strengthens what we are already doing.” 

Lidia Conci – Managing Director, Avanti Care