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Looking after your wellbeing during COVID-19 in 2022

Tips and Tools for managing anxiety, self-care and wellbeing

Just when we thought we’d come to terms with the Delta variant of COVID-19, along comes Omicron. And the timing couldn’t have been worse. If you were looking forward to a holiday season with fewer restrictions than last year, COVID-19-induced anxiety may be rearing its ugly head. We all now know people with COVID-19 and it feels like it is just a matter of time before we are a close contact, our business is shut due to a positive case or we get COVID-19 ourselves. We’re all wondering what this means for our lives and our families (and our mental health) as we move into 2022. 

After nearly two years of fear, grief, and day-to-day pandemic turmoil — cancelled plans, delayed weddings, missed milestones, financial stress, lockdown loneliness and illness — the emergence of the Omicron variant throws another spanner into what we hoped would finally be post-pandemic life in 2022. The human brain doesn’t cope well with uncertainty and defaults to anxiety in the face of a potential threat. We prefer routines and feeling in control. It’s no surprise that a pandemic, which has destroyed any semblance of routine and personal control, has wreaked havoc on many people’s mental health.

It is normal to feel worried, anxious and stressed. COVID-19 has in many ways made our world seem unsafe. The things we knew, took for granted, or counted on for comfort are no longer reliably there. Losing them leaves many of us feeling vulnerable and exposed. This program will help you to understand and monitor your own physical and mental health and to recognise the signs of stress in yourself, colleagues and your loved ones.  It then provides a practical tool-kit you can apply straight away to design and take action on your own wellbeing and mental health plan.

To begin this course scroll further down to the first module and select the first lesson “Covid-19 – a normal response to an abnormal situation”

Course Content

Module 1 – COVID-19 – a normal response to an abnormal situation
Learn about normal reactions to an abnormal event like COVID-19

Module 2 – Mental Health and Self-care
Understand the importance of self-care, structure and routine

Module 3 – Recover and Renew
Strategies to stay calm, relaxed and resilient

Module 4 – Stay Connected
Ways to build social connections – even remotely or when in self-isolation

Module 5 – Productivity Hacks
Reduce distractions, improve focus and stay present

Module 6 – Healthy Thinking
Learn how to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns

Course Designer

Samantha Young
M.Psych (Clin), MBA (Melb), MAPS

Sam brings a unique combination of senior management and commercial experience, psychological intervention skills and Masters-level formal education in both business and psychology to her clinical, training, coaching and consulting work. Sam is a highly sought after facilitator and public speaker nationally and delivers training to hundreds of employees and managers every year. 


“The Human Psychology sessions was hugely well received and appreciate. I believe that the workshops were value to regroup the staff in the department during a challenging time.”

Mary Marsh – Anaesthetic/PACU Manger, Flinders Private Hospital

“I felt a real sense of validation that the pathway we’re taking as an organisation and myself personally as a leader was the right pathway and strengthens what we are already doing.” 

Lidia Conci – Managing Director, Avanti Care