Future Thinc for Organisations

Credible, flexible and impactful online learning from Future Thinc

Future Thinc courses are created by Human Psychology psychologists.   Human Psychology runs over 200 face-to-face workshops every year, training hundreds of leaders and employees in essential skills. Every Future Thinc course is broken into steps, allowing learners to fit it easily around their schedule, so learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

On-line learning with Future Thinc is a valuable way of rewarding staff and a cost effective solutions for your learning and development team when planning staff training options.  The Future Thinc team can work with your organisation to create the best learning solution for your unique needs.

Future Thinc could help your organisation to

Create a culture of growth mindset and lifelong learning – motivate and encourage the personal and professional development of your employees to help your organisation to thrive.

Close competency gaps – In this rapidly changing world, skills need updating quickly, especially essential skills in coping with change, building resilience and leadership.  Future Thinc’s innovative self-paced learning programs enable upskilling that is cost effective and impactful.

Reward your employees – show appreciation to hard-working employees. HBR recently found that 9 out of 10 people are willing to earn less money to do more meaningful work.  Make every team member a knowledge worker.

Drive engagement – a study by Quantum Workplace found that employees listed professional growth opportunity as one of their highest drivers of engagement. The majority of employees in this study rated training opportunities as highly important career benefits.

Custom course creation

At Future Thinc we have an experienced team ready to help create custom courses and bespoke learning. We will work with and guide stakeholders through the course creation process from design and instructional design to content to production. The result? Learning designed to exactly meet your training needs.

Find out how Future Thinc could help your organisation

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