Leading a remote workforce during COVID-19

Working from home basics

Have you check with each team member working from home that they have the basic tools and set-up they need to be safe and productive at home?

Are your staff aware of cybersecurity and technology use protocols working from home?

Have you read the OHS&W advice for responding to COVID-19?

Has your team established a new “business as usual” and guidelines for working together remotely?

Structure and productivity?

Are new performance metrics and revised productivity expectations in place for your team?

Are team members using time management tools and productivity hacks to work effectively from home?


What steps have you taken to improve communication for remote workers?

Have you checked in with each team member as a “whole person” regularly?


How is your team travelling?

Is anyone showing warning signs of mental health difficulties and have you spoken with them about this?

How are you going to manage your energy and wellbeing as a leader?

A new normal

How are you going to lead during COVID-19?

What can you do to help your team adapt to change?

Do you have a detailed action plan developed as a result of completing this training?